Saturday, December 23, 2017


Political correctness wants to destroy tradition, old school values and principles.
Attack and rewrite history in order to distort the truth to push the communist agenda. Make the traditional family old and obsolete. But praise people who have 4 dogs and 4 abortions. Inject homosexuality into places it does not belong and gender identity disorder and make it seem normal. 
Political correctness encourages lazy and slovenly behavior. Obesity is encouraged by political correctness. Big is not beautiful unless you are a Manatee. 
Political correctness has made everything a phobia or some sort of mental illness to give more people excuses to be weak. 
Political correctness is afraid of masculinity. It wants men effiminiate, He-cunts and useless. Selfie taking out of shape soy boys that sodomize each other watching This Is Us.

Many women and effiminiate men are the catalysts of political correctness. 
These women are acting like deranged mother's who wanna keep treating adults like kids by regulating speech and behaviors. Effiminiate men follow along because they are too weak to be a real man so they pander to these women and then ridicule and bad mouth real men.

Political correctness let's so call parents inject hormones and steroids into their under aged kids so they came be what THEY ARE NOT. 
6 year old girl getting pumped up with testosterone because she thinks she's a boy? 

The rise of political correctness directly coincides with the rise of mass shootings and terrorist attacks. Coincidence? Hell no they are each other's Ying and Yang.

I can go on and on about this. 
Bottom line is this..........

Political correctness and freedom cannot co-exist.
Political correctness is more of a threat to this country than any terrorist. 
Political correctness is Cultural Marxism or Cultural Communism.
The truth will never be politically correct.



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