Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Vigorous Word

Valentines Day, just like other holidays that are conveniently mass marketed for our purchasing of junk and most times useless crap to show our Love towards another. Genuine feelings of love should be spontaneous and out of excitement. Who is Saint Valentine and who cares who he is. Another dead guy that we all were made to associate with this day over and over again since we all were young. Not our faults not our parents faults and down the line etc etc. Wipe the slate clean as if no one embedded all these things in your head and now look at it if you can. INTERESTING huh. Enjoy life with the special people u care about dont let Hallmark Jared HA suck u into something out of guilt because its how they operate YESSSSSSSSSS. We are here and we are happy and it dont take no card to tell your Mom,Dad,Son,Daughter,Girlfriend,Boyfriend, Wife etc how u feel.

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