Monday, April 12, 2010


Over the last few months I'm looking at my life in a new light. Ever changing and evolving my feelings and how I see things in the Vigorous light. I try not to surround myself with negative people with Unvigorous attitudes. But as most of you don't know or not aware most people are negative but not realizing they are. Have I become more aware of this over the last few years, 100 percent I have. When a person becomes aware of something they will be able to change or not. Why walk against the surf when its easier to ride it? Why Machete your way making your path when there is a path well walked on? Why look for satisfaction and acceptance from other when your greatest victories no one will be there to see. When people become aware they will make a change in their lives.
A quote from the 5TH Agreement 1 of my favorite books........."With Awareness, you can easily understand how those minds were prepared to become what they are. But just because you have awareness, it doesn't mean you are better then anyone else. Being aware doesn't make you superior, and it doesn't make you more intelligent. It has nothing to do with intelligence. Knowing this, of course you are completely humble."
Now that I am aware I battle everyday to stay vigorous and positive. I may slip and fall and say things I know is wrong but I'm breaking old habits that I grew up doing. Its is ingrained in all of use but I will prevail. Why will I u ask? I am here and I am Vigorous, I am a Warrior in Life and I will not stop till I die YESSSSSSSSSSS!
~~~CHRIS JONESY 4/12/2010~~~

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