Tuesday, May 18, 2010


The Strength inside myself is not measured by how much I can Bench Press or flip a truck tire down the street. Everyday we are challenged by negativity from the minute we wake up till we goto sleep. Sometimes I slip and it bothers me but now I am conscious of what I am doing when before I was oblivious to it. It is so easy to live with negativity on your shoulder. You don't even realize your doing it its so normal in our society. The strength to change yourself and make your life better is the true challenge. EVERYDAY I FIGHT to better myself. It is a fight when most people are not on the same level. I was once on that level but I moved on and changed for the better. My strength came from me no one else. No one gives u strength. Friends and people Ive met opened my eyes to the other side of thinking but in the end it will always be in my hands YESSSSSSSSSS!
~~~CHRIS JONESY 7/5/09~~~

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