Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Impeccable Warrior

The Impeccable Warrior

The Impeccable Warrior has given up obsessions,
rechannels sexual energy,
stops the internal dialog,
discards sentimentality -
discards everything unnecessary,
abandons self-pity,
and …
is overwhelmed by wonder at the mystery of life,
is often sad for no reason,
is able to laugh at melancholy,
is economical in thought, feeling and action,
is a being at ease, with a bent toward self-examination,
is acquiescent without stupidity,
is never under siege, having nothing to defend,
is in a state of total war, choosing his own battleground,
is always taking his last stand, wherever he finds himself,
stalks his real nature
by being ruthless, but not harsh,
by being cunning, but not devious,
by being patient, but not negligent,
by being sweet, but not foolish,
stalks himself surreptitiously, but ruthlessly,
when miserable, remembers to wonder at the mystery of the world,
sees exquisite, uniform, diaphanous, ambient light all round,
sees beauty, feels urgency, sees immediacy, due to sobriety,
keeps death in view to maintain sense of sobriety,
keeps internal silence, tries to stop the world,
has the internal strength of equanimity,
remains impassive, aloof and untouched,
comes and goes without leaving a trace,
compresses time and makes the moment count,
aims for the simplicity of innocent awareness,
takes the minimal chance offered by the Master,
seeks depth of awareness,
seeks the moment of silence, invites Intent,
beckons Intent with the eyes, peripherally,
backs up continually, seeing peripherally,
aligns himself with Intent,
disguises the fact that he feels no pity,
disguises his internal ruthlessness,
considers the assemblage point of awareness to be mutable,
somersaults into the Inconceivable, if he can,
accepts death’s unavoidability,
decides cautiously whether to enter a battle,
fights every battle as a battle for his life,
when up against impossible odds, retreats, and finds distraction,
lets go, fears nothing, and abandons himself,
defeats his sense of self-importance,
knows self-importance leads to self-pity and the tendency to take offense,
uses Controlled Folly to counteract any remnant of self-importance,
employs humor, but maintains his sobriety,
takes accurate inventories of self-awareness,
and then discards them,
and is at all times the model of impeccability.

~ Carlos Castaneda

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