Monday, May 24, 2010

Monday Vigorous

Its always Vigorous to wake up and get the day started alive and ready to get shit done. The collective sound of the Monday Moaners are set like their alarm clocks. The cycle never changes but they still proceed to do it in the turd see turd do mentality. The cycle will not change but people can. When people realize that its a waste of time and energy on fruitless endeavors then maybe you can change. Once people become aware that its not worth spewing negative energy all the time then they can make life easier. The less you concern yourself with petty nonsense the more your life can become better. Im not saying this is a cure all, This will help you to make your live easier so you can take on the bigger issues in a more vigorous way. The world is a harsh place this aint no Disney movie YESSSSSSSSSS. You can be the Whiny Turd like most or you can be a Warrior of life. Your choice not for me to tell you what to do. No one can tell you what to do you need to decide.

"Monday Moist & Vigorous: Control, being in control or not. The Slackers will whine about things they can control without trying to resolve the issue. Weak & Unvigorous. They will also do the same with things that cannot be controlled. How u handle these situations is when the Warriors rise above the floundering turds we step on, on the path of Vigorousity YESSSSSSSSSSS" ~~~JONESY 5/3/10


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