Thursday, August 4, 2011


In a world where its accepted to be a whiny turd with no aspirations only to slide thru life like a flounder on the bottom of the ocean no wonder when some people rise up and get Vigorous its looked at as weird. I like weird this means Im doing something right. Im not normal which means I make my own path in life. We all as a society have the need to label people as this or that. I just did it also and I need to stop. It comes out so naturally because its been going on all my life. Its like quitting cigarettes aint gonna be easy but if you get your shit straight in the brain area it will get done. Once you become aware of a issue some will try to resolve it when many will just disregard it as nothing worth while. I am the first to say I fucked up alot in my life, but who hasn't? The path I walk its not smooth or a yellow brick road its a wasteland of pits and falls coming right around the corner. Sure I can avoid alot of obstacles along the way but some you cant. The ones you cant avoid are the ones you need to take on full force and whatever the outcome is you know you did what you could and left it all out on the field! You can keep dipping and dodging  shit in life but when you get caught out there and you are not battle scarred and ready you will crumble into a Whiny ball of Loaf! Access the situation, take action and get Vigorous! Win or lose you will rise up and continue on your path thru life always progressing never loafinating! Thats all I got for now Vigorites gotta start my day. MAKE YOUR A VIGOROUS DAY YESSSSSSSSSSSS

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