Thursday, May 31, 2012


Dodge ball  YESSSSSSSSSS the memories of elementary school. Couldn't wait for gym class to play some dodge ball. For those who have no clue or haven't had the pleasure of playing here you go...........
The above link covers it all, If you really need to read the rules you really havent lived till you played dodge ball.
     The game itself was simple, choose teams either with captains or to be fair the teacher would assign numbers to the people and divide up the teams that way......odds 1 side even the other side. The game was played with a red "dodge ball" about the size of a soccer ball but rubber and not so hard. When the teams got on each side up to four dodge balls were placed on the dividing line. The participants would line up at their back lines. The whistle would blow and there was a made dash to get the balls. Once the action starts its a free for all flinging balls at each other until 1 team has no one left and they were all eliminated by the DODGE BALL! 
     Why the fuck you might be asking is Jonesy talking about dodge ball, well here is my beef. Dodge ball has been banned a few years now in NYC public schools. Their reasoning is there is no educational value in playing this game, along with other games but dodge ball is all that matters. Also the fact that it gave the strong and more athletic kids a chance to pummel and wack around the less athletic and nerdy kids. Which instilled the line drawn in the sand either you were on one side or the other.  I strongly believe and along with other people I spoke with Dodge ball does prepare young people for what life will throw at them later on in life. My reasoning is as follows, you have the people that step up to the front line and look for the action taking a chance of being hit and getting tossed out of the game. Then you have the people who play the backfield and avoid getting hit curled up in a ball by the back line of the court. As when we all get older you have the same mentality in life as in dodge ball, you are gonna take life head on and live life or play the backfield of life and just let it pass by hoping nothing bad happens. Well shit will get bad sooner or later and the people who are prepared for it will handle it better then the ones who never wanted to  play up front on the front line. Sometimes a few of the back field nervous kids would get some balls and get step up to the front and get into the game. Surprising themselves they are actually good at the game and their confidence builds just by taking a chance sooooooooooo you can also apply this later in life. ITS NEVER TOO TO CHANGE OR TRY SOMETHING NEW, you might surprise yourself!
     The flip side of THE DODGE BALL EFFECT on life would be that the ones that had no guts or sack to even try to play the game pushed them away into their little nerd groups. Gathering together to play Dungeons and Dragons, ripping apart Commodore 64s or whatever computers where around at the time. Honing there skills on the computer making them superior at what they do. Who knows all these smart and loaded Geeks who are millionaires in the computer and internet fields probably got whacked in the head by a dodge ball sending them to a life of computers and Star Wars Conventions. Again dodge ball created a whole society of Nerds who later in life got the last laugh and finally got laid in there late 20s! THE DODGE BALL EFFECT YESSSSSSSSSS.  

     In conclusion the whole nonsense of banning games that I grew up playing and many others like myself realize that the Pussification of society as a whole continues. Parks empty when they were packed in my day. I would never be home always out getting into some nonsense or playing some kind of game that you actually had to run around and be vigorous. Now you got fat whiny kids loafing in the house playing Call it Doody and watching Glee. No real social interaction with other kids outside of school unless there texting or on Facebook. The disconnection of actually socializing with others just pushes these kids to sit in the house, watch the wiggles, play any sport on the wii instead of actually getting their slacker asses outside and actually playing the sport. I'm not saying all kids today just the majority. Pussified whiny kids are all over. Blame is all over but I have the solution. GET THEM ON THE COURT FOR SOME DODGE BALL! Knock the lazy out of the kids with good old fashion whack wit a big red ball! Throw their parents in too since they probably were afraid of dodge ball so they need to get whacked too. Sometimes in life you need to get punched in the face to set shit right. A dodge ball is not as harsh but sends the right message. 

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