Friday, May 4, 2012


Jonesyism for a Friday: TGIF was made up by a Pussy who hated their job and didnt have the sack to change their life. 
      When The Whiners Whine life is not fair their right its not fair. It never was it never will be. Life is a challenge to the people who make it happen. You wanna be a Whiny Turd and make no attempt to change the odds in your life by actually doing something to make it better? Pull off that Diaper you marinate yourself in all these years and rise to the challenge. Change those odds in your life by getting Vigorous and handle the shit thats keeping you with the herd of Whiny Loafers. The world dont owe you shit and praying will just get your knees dirty. Do what needs to be done. Warriors are not born they are made.........

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