Thursday, June 7, 2012


Thursday Headbutting! When you decide to change and unfuck the rut you call a life its not gonna be easy. Anyone telling you different  is playing on you weak sense of determination and your quick fix mentality. For you to change is a battle everyday. Gotta load up the arsenal and run out on the battlefield and get it done! If you apply all that energy you waste on excuses,whining,slacking and avoiding the reality to change your attitude on life will make it easier. Most of you are afraid of change or were told by other Pussified People that you cant change. In this case you gotta grow a pair of balls and cut off the deterrents in your life to make it happen. The few will take on this challenge and succeed where most will not even try. Most of you are content to wallow in the moist pit of misery you call a life. Whether you realize it or not your marinating in it everyday and you reek of Pussification. You don't smell it because your surrounded by similar individuals. Just like after you quit smoking you can smell the stank off a smoker if they enter a room. Same thing goes for those who walk the Pussified way. You aint fooling the ones who know and you stink worse then a smoker. Progression leads to Vigoration. Warriors are not born they are made.~~~JONESY

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