Thursday, June 28, 2012


Thursday Vigorous! Jonesy throws out perspective like hitting the class nerd with a dodge ball. When will you stop letting life sodomize you daily? When are you gonna stop the violating that happens when you let life hold you down and push it in? All this abuse can stop when you decide to peel off that saturated adult diaper you ferment in and get Vigorous. Stop blaming everyone else, blame yourself because its you that is holding you down. Your that Pussified Loaf I talk about daily and its time to unfuck yourself. There is no miracle pill or magic lotion its a process. Its a long process and you need to dig in for the fight. Jonesy dont  guarantee nothing anyone that does is bullshitting you. Either you fight or you don't. There is always a loser in a fight but the Warriors get up take a shower and fight again! Or you can be content to be a rape victim of life by doing nothing like most of you reading this now........~~~~JONESY 6/28/12

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