Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Tuesday headbutting! Dealing out Perspective like Hot Hash at your favorite Diner. CAUSE/EFFECT philosophical concept of causality. For example like most of you are... whining and moaning/ Pussified Turd, Lazy and a Do-nothing/ out of shape loafer, obsessed with reality show nobodies/ Paris Hilton Djs, name your son Soda/ put him in a self defense class fast, not happy with your job/ quit and move on same goes with relationships and the list goes on and on YESSSSSSSSSS. Most of the bullshit in your lives are caused by you, no one else. you put yourself into situations then wanna blame everyone else for it. Nah cut the shit its you and you can fix it. Or you can live in the bubble of denial and probably die in that bubble unless you unfuck yourself and get Vigorous! it might get better it might get worse, at least you decided to grow a sack and take it on YESSSSSSSSSS. Warriors fight while Whiners whine that shit aint right..........~~~~JONESY 6/26/12

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