Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Tuesday Headbutting and the stink of Pussification rises off most of you like Staten Island in August. THE BLAME GAME is the hot seller on your mobile devices and you cant stop playing. If your whining and moaning about the same issues on the regular, guess what genius its all on you. It always was and will be you but your too wrapped up in the shit pit you call your life to smell that shit aint right. Witty clich├ęs or some bullshit quote you stole off Google aint gonna justify your whimpering about shit you impose on yourself. Need to look hard at the one person you need to live with everyday and that's you. Time for a reality check and fix the issues that will lessen the burdens in you life. Progression leads to Vigoration and it is a daily routine. Or you can stay your course and live in denial because its not you, it never was you and just exist and not live. Warriors Rise up while the rest live life beatin and tied up YESSSSSSSSSS~~~~JONESY

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