Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Wednesday Whiners get the Brooklyn Hot Slap with added Moist! Wednesday Whiners line up for 1 hour of bullying and wedgies free today on groupon YESSSSSSSSSS, Hump day, most of you are humps walking bent over all day catching it in the ass from life cause you let it YESSSSSSSSSS, The less you give a shit about the better off you are YESSSSSSSSSS, Never too late to unfuck the Pussified life you live you just gotta get Vigorous and do it YESSSSSSSSSS, Dont be afraid to question anything if it dont sound right, it probably aint so drop the hammer YESSSSSSSSSS, Fat and skinny Fat are equally bad just one of them is considered sexy by the normals YESSSSSSSSSS, Iam no angel never said I was I wanna live 1 day at a time doin what I love to do taking on all challanges life throws at me YESSSSSSSSSS, "Everyone underestimates the kick to the groin!"~~~BAS RUTTEN YESSSSSSSSSS and Life is like riding the Cyclone, needs no explanation YESSSSSSSSSS. Jonesy slinging out perspective like Hot Hash at a Diner.......

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