Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Tuesday Vigorous! Either you are stepping on or getting stepped on. Either your getting sodomized by life or your kicking life in the balls and making it happen. Choices will be made and what side you gonna choose. Most of you already chose the pussifed side of life. Whining and making excuses daily on how "why me" and "life is not fair". Dam right its you and life is tougher then a $2 dollar steak and the quicker you realize the better off things will get. Either you arise and vigorize or next time you bring your pet to get spayed or neutered jump on the table and tell the vet to cut your balls off since you don't use them YESSSSSSSSSS. Women your not exempt, just because you were born with a pussy doesn't mean you have an excuse to act like one. Warriors are not born they are made......~~~JONESY 9/25/12

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