Friday, October 26, 2012


Friday Headbuttin and the Pontiff of the UnPussified is gonna lay it out like hot hash at a Diner YESSSSSSSSSS. I dont seek validation from you clowns I do for me and whatever others pick up you can validate it for yourself YESSSSSSSSSS. Thankin God its Friday is a term used by the weak and whiny who need to make a change in their lives.....homage to The Warrior YESSSSSSSSSS  Wishing away days because your a miserable turd life will pass by faster then it already does YESSSSSSSSSS. Bullying will never end. Harsh world out there so get um prepared for the battles YESSSSSSSSS. Life is a gift and a curse its up to you how it ends up for you YESSSSSSSSSS. Never too late to Unfuck yourself and get Vigorous!~~~JONESY 10/26/12 

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