Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Most of you whiny clowns need perspective on how bad you really have it. We live in a Country where your free to sound and act like a tampon chewing Turd and you still aint satisfied........Ill pay to ship you where they practice these laws lol Some of them they should bring over here just to unpussify most of you YESSSSSSSSSS...................


A complete ban on ;




Keeping birds. ( Keeping caged birds and racing pigeons was once a favoured past time of the Afghan people)

Kite flying ( Once the national sport of Afghanistan )

Books. ( Unless they be of religious content )

Public laughing, shouting or clapping at outside events.

Photographs of women on T.V or in newspapers, even the hanging of pictures of women in ones own homes.

New Year, Labour Day and wedding celebrations.

Men must ;

Cut short their hair.

Grow long their beards.

Wear Islamic clothing.

Wear the Islamic turban or Islamic cap.

Look after and control their women folk.( This can be done by means of beating and rape ) 

Pray at the mosque five times a day.

Not indulge in homosexual practices.

Provide for their womenfolk.

Non Muslims must wear a yellow badge to differentiate themselves.

The Taliban wish to make a secure environment for their women where their chasteness and dignity may be sacrosanct by means of purdah.

Purdah is the practice of segregrating the sexes and womens faces and form are concealed, a practice first introduced in India to protect Hindu women from invading Muslims in the 12 th century.

Women must not ;

Gain an education.

Have employment.

Leave home without permission of father or husband.

Walk outside without being accompanied by a male family member.

Wear Western clothes.

Wear mens clothes.* 1

Wear make up.

Wear perfume.

Laugh in public.

Have their photograph taken.

Paint their nails.*2

Wear shoes with ' clicking ' heels.

Talk to males unless they are relatives, including in their own homes.

Gather at any outside event.

Wash clothes in rivers. ( A once pleasant occupation undertaken by Afghan women, where they could catch up on gossip and generally let off steam together).

Ride in taxis.

Ride bicycles.

Use public baths. ( the hammam was once a pleasant past time for women in Afghanistan )

Appear on the balcony of their own home, even in full burqa.

Be seen at the windows of their own home, even in full burqa.

Deny their husbands sexual gratification at any time.

Indulge in sexual practices if unmarried or with any one who is not their husband if they are married.

Attempt suicide. * 3.

 The iconic Afghan blue burqa, a full body garment with built in skull cap and shuttlecock eye grille.

Women must ; 

Wear the burqa at all times.

Speak in hushed tones, so as not to be heard by men that are not relatives.

- To disobey any of these restrictions means execution, by means of beheading for men and execution by means of public stoning for women.-

* 1. 

1) The law of women not being able to wear mens clothing was a later law introduced after women who had no male relative to go out and provide for them, were forced on to the street in mens clothing in order to buy food or gain medical assistance.

2 ) Female doctors who had lost their jobs when the Taliban took power, were forced to run underground, secret hospitals for women or to walk to the homes of sick women, where they would do so in mens clothing.

* 2. 
  This was the only crime not punishable by means of execution.The crime of painting ones nails is punished by chopping off the offending digits.

* 3. 
The suicide rate for women in Afghanistan is at an all time high.As it goes against Islam to take ones own life, women favour the act of setting them selves on fire as a means to an end. They do it by means of pouring cooking oil over themselves then setting it alight, this way they can call it a kitchen accident if they do not succeed, thus escaping punishment by public flogging.

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