Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Wednesday Headbutting! The Fuhrer, The Sultan, The Maharajah, The Overlord, The Ayatollah of Vigorolla is ready YESSSSSSSSSS. Life owes you nothing you got it for free the rest you gotta earn your pay. Life will sodomize you at will if you let it. Life shows no mercy to the weak and whiny. You can slip and slide thru life slackin and loafin but it will catch you. Then what? You either whip off your adult diaper you been wearing all your life and fight or bend over and wait for life to shove it in! Prepare Perform Prevail (thanks ELITEFTS ) because the shit storm will come and will you be ready? The battle starts when you step into the arena. Warriors go all in......Whiners wait to get their shit pushed in.....~~~JONESY  10/17/12

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