Friday, December 21, 2012


Friday Vigorous and reading this means your alive and time to unfuck the nonsense in your life. Most of you should of been wiped off the planet today since the many of you are wastes of space and oxygen. This will happen on January 18th when all I-phones will explode simultaneously YESSSSSSSSSS. I have no problem helping you pull yourself out of the turd pile you call a life but I'm not gonna save you. You gotta put in the work YESSSSSSSSSS not the bullshit work you get paid for. The work that needs to me done to yourself. I got the hard hat on daily and I put in the PERSONAL OVERTIME. You aint right everything else goes to shit YESSSSSSSSSS. Warriors step up while whiners get stepped on.~~~JONESY 12/21/12

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