Friday, March 8, 2013


Friday Midday Vigorous! Busy time for me gotta love the "Summer Prep" people. All you little troopers who do nothing all year and hit the panic button round this time. I love the added clients but the thought process is not vigorous. If most of you hit the gym all year you would not be in this situation. Some of you need a tweak in your eating and boost up the cardio you will be fine. Most of you 20 pounds and up where u wanna be you should of been at it all year. Many trainers will take advantage of such people. Advising crash diets, cleansing, bullshit diet pills or whatever nonsense they think of just for a paycheck. Just be careful when choosing who is gonna help you. Skinny fat and deconditioned is not healthy or good looking. A lean,mean conditioned machine individual can be born! You just gotta put in the work....We are here and we are Vigorous! Coaching and training inquiries contact me on here or

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