Sunday, March 31, 2013

Sunday Sodomy

Sunday Sodomy! Just caught the easter bunny now its dinner YESSSSSSSSSS. Jesus rose, I headbutted him now hes down again YESSSSSSSSSS. You wanna believe in someone look in the mirror and praise that bad ass animal lookin back at you. Things change when you decide to hold yourself accountable for the bullshit in your life. It aint "It is what it is" some slacker wrote that and the rest of the slackers forced fed us this shit for years. It is how we make it and the faster it sinks in the better YESSSSSSSSSS. You can keep praying for shit to change but if you don't get off your knees and get Vigorous you will be on your knees for along time.~~~ JONESY 3/31/13 

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