Thursday, April 11, 2013


Thursday Headbuttin! Responsibility falls on the individual to unfuck themselves of the nonsense and bullshit in life. Everyone loves the Frank Sinatra song MY WAY. For some of us their way does work but for many of you, your way is just messing you up. You get into the same crap over and over and you are always blaming everyone else every time...Guess what Ass Clown its all you YESSSSSSSSSS. Sometimes you need to shut the fuck up take a step make and really take inventory of whats going on in your life. Stop whining about missing The Walking Dead when you are one of the walking dead. Content to let life sodomize you because "It is what it is". Time to burst out of your own ashes of you old life like the Phoenix and get Vigorous! Change will be a war with many battles but the strong will overcome. The weak and whiny will do nothing but keep holding their ankles waiting to get fucked over and over...........Warriors arise while whiners wait to die.~~~JONESY 4/11/13

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