Sunday, May 19, 2013


Sunday Sodomy! Another day to unfuck yourself and rise up and get Vigorous. Get off your knees waiting to be saved when all you gotta do is stand up and fight back. 

1.Thou shall not whine or gripe YESSSSSSSSSS

2.He who is a weak and whiny slacker shall receiveth the staff of Sodomy YESSSSSSSSSS

3. Rise off thee ass and proceed to unfuck thyself post haste YESSSSSSSSSS

4. Thou shall not use tampons to chew on foul wastes of oxygen YESSSSSSSSSS

5. Thou shall not Slack and Loaf or receiveth the staff of Sodomy YESSSSSSSSSS

6. Thou shall not Lurk too much as to Lurk without meaning or destination YESSSSSSSSSS

7. Thou shall be an individual not a sheep in the herd wating to be picked off by wolves YESSSSSSSSSS

8. Thou shall keep it Moist at all times YESSSSSSSSSS

9. Never be ashamed to ask for help but you must accomplish it on your own YESSSSSSSSSS

10. Never covet thy neighbors Walrus YESSSSSSSSSS

11. Exorcise ye bulllshit in life and arise to be a Vigorous One YESSSSSSSSSS

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