Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Reading this means you are alive and it doesn't get no better! Another day to unfuck what's messing up your life. Life is a bad mutha fucka and will try to fuck with you and sodomize you no matter what it's unavoidable. So why do most of you clowns decide to complicate life even more? You place value on things and situations that have no value even though society deems it important. Most of you are hoarders of bullshit and assumption and you wonder why your life sucks. It's because you complicate your life more than it is with bullshit. A bunch of TURD HERDERS walkin the earth carrying around shit on your back. Hunched over and stinking YESSSSSSSSSS. Time for you to drop that crap, take a shower, splash on some Old Spice and Get Vigorous! Take inventory of what really needs your attention and then toss the rest out the window. Let the other TURD HERDERS pick up your nonsense and let them deal with it! Warriors are not born they are made.~~~JONESY 5/7/13

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