Friday, June 13, 2014

Thank Jonesy its Friday!

Thank Jonesy its Friday! You might as well because it don't matter its just another day. Whining and chewing on tampons like Bazookas all week you think its over. It is never gonna end until you die or you commence some unfuckin, Most of you are already dead in many ways so what is the difference. Zombified turds just loafing around life. Instead looking for brains to eat you are attracted to useless nonsense to fill your lives, Most of you lured to the same jive and gibberish. Which makes it hard for you to realize since your surrounded by similar slackers. Playing that "TURD SEE TURD DO" game and there is no winner. You need a hot slap of perspective. Take a look from the outside looking in. Maybe that will start the unfuck machine or maybe it won't. There is always a choice no matter how bleak you think it is. Smell the Vigorous keep smelling that stank of Puissification YESSSSSSSSSS.~~~ JONESY 6/13/14

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