Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Tuesday Headbuttin!

Shit will go wrong, fuck ups will be made, mistakes will occur and failure is not an option it is an absolute in life. We all mess up one time or another. How we react to it is was defines us. Do we just quit and give up or do we get back in the arena and fight again. Many people today quit and give up or not even try to accomplish something with the fear of failure looming over them. Failure makes you stronger and hardens you like steel. So the next time you do it's not as bad as the last time it happened. Like getting punched in the face, The first time its rattles the cage but the next time its not that bad because you are prepared for the blow. Most of you are prepared for nothing just a Master degree in Whining and a Pink belt for Turd Kun Do. Never too late to unfuck yourself you just gotta stop making up excuses on why you can't.~~~JONESY

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