Thursday, August 14, 2014

Thursday pour a bucket of Hot Vigorous on a depressed whiner

Thursday pour a bucket of Hot Vigorous on a depressed whiner YESSSSSSSSSS. Reading this means your alive and you wanna get to some unfuckin. 
Everyday is a fight whether you know it or not. The ones that don't believe its a fight daily are the ones who gave up, never tried or are just waiting to die. Struggles in life will bring rewards and also sometimes anguish. By doing nothing is slow dying and that is what many people decide to do. Sometimes we need to do drastic things to make a change in our lives. Some people take the easy way out and some just grab a bigger axe and fight on YESSSSSSSSSS. We all have issues we need to deal with. With the recent events I spoke to a few people on this depression issue. As far as "medical professionals" are concerned with their signs of depression lists we are all depressed. Take five minutes to look for yourself and see if I'm right. Lets say we are all depressed. You gonna run and get pills because someone said you need them or are you gonna fight? Your mind is powerful and can mess with you. But its your mind and if you are willing to fight the demons you will come out on top. Many have fought and won and are still fighting everyday. Everyone needs a hand up once and a while in life. I've helped and have been helped in my 40 years on this planet. Do yourself a favor and give yourself a gut check and see whats gotta get unfucked..........Warriors are not born they are made.~~~JONESY

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