Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Wednesday sacrifice your whining...................

Wednesday sacrifice your whining and your I-phone to your own Unfuckin YESSSSSSSSSS. 
Lemme enlighten you all on something. The world is just as fucked up as it is beautiful. So with this being known what are you gonna do to unfuck it? Whining and complaining does not solve shit. Maybe before you get on you turd pedestal of useless stop and devise a plan. I know it's easier to just spew your jive and that solves nothing. Whining about anything solves nothing. Here is a quick check list most of you need to put on a wall somewhere or tattooed on you hand for easy reference. 
1. Men that whine are not men
2. Women that whine are not exempt because you are a woman. Your just as useless as a whining man. 
3. Step back and work on a plan to remedy the issue.
4. Call upon someone you know who has knowledge of issue to help you if needed. 
5. Excessive whining in men produces excess estrogen in their bodies so if you find yourself looking at pocket books you know the reason. 
6. Look at your friends you might be surrounded by a bunch of useless whiners like yourself. 
7. Just because our society is becoming fluffy and pussified does not mean you have to swallow the hot load of bullshit they are spewing. 
8. Things that cannot be controlled still give you no reason to whine. Take your lumps and deal with it. For example: Whining about traffic is pathetic. Next time you do I pray to Odin you crash YESSSSSSSSSS. Adversity just makes the Vigorous stronger and the rest weaker. 
9. Whiny people are useless and generally not reliable if the shit gets hectic. 
10. Never too late to unfuck yourself and change brothers and sisters. Jonesy is in the fight everyday so come join the battle YESSSSSSSSSS.

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