Monday, October 20, 2014


"It is what it is" Nope it is not. Too many of us use this not to take action on an issue. An easy excuse because it is an accepted form of bullshit. you say this too much your going no where in life.
"If you can't tone it tan it" No now your tan an fat. You are not fooling anyone. Spend that money on some form of getting Vigorous you slackers
"Big is Beautiful" No your fat so get off your ass and find something Vigorous to do.
"When life gives you lemons make lemonade" If life ever gives you lemons you need to punch a whiner. Many of you are gonna left hook yourselves YESSSSSSSSSS. 
"Better late than never" Don't bother someone already took what you were procrastinating about. So get back on the couch and finish watching the Walking Dead. 
"Silence is golden" Say what you need to say good or bad and be prepared to back it up with action.
"If it was meant to be it was meant to be" Really who made the rules on this one. Who said it was mant to be that way. Get in there and fuck shit up and maybe shit will change. Doing nothing solves nothing.
"Music is the answer to your problems" Nope getting off your ass and unfucking your problems is the answer. Music is a distraction and eventually you need to face the issues. 
Don't get offended Get Vigorous YESSSSSSSSSS. ~~~JONESY

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