Thursday, October 16, 2014


Another day you are alive and you have another chance to unfuck yourself. You will not embrace a message or another perspective on something if you do not relate to the person sending it. You have thousands of people saying basically the same shit whether in terms of health and fitness or positive mental attitudes.Many of mine I can relate to most of you do not know. No connection I don't give a shit what they are saying and most of them spew bullshit. For starters you can toss out anyone in Hollywood or TV personalities for they are useless and just spew propaganda. For example Oprah and Dr. Oz are useless. Fuck them both you can live a long life without either and you will be better off. Do not be told how to live eat and act from puppets of others. Due your due diligence on something you are interested in. Most of you are lazy and have "no time" so you will just take anyone's word for it. This is what is fucking up many of us. Many of you are more concerned about useless things. Wasting time and caring about useless shit instead of concentrating on what can actually help. I'm not here to save anyone I want most of you to fail because you want to fail. You want to be useless because that's how many of you are trained to be. Lazy turds in the shit pile that is your life. Some of you might smell the Vigorous and commence some unfuckin. Those I will give a hand up to and help them on their way. Warriors are not born they are made YESSSSSSSSSS.~~~JONESY 

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