Tuesday, October 21, 2014


Aries~ Who cares go unfuck yourself 
Taurus~ You make your own luck now go unfuck yourself 
Gemini~ You realize this jive is useless now go unfuck yourself 
Cancer~ You are fucked go wear some pink and go unfuck yourself 
Leo~ Your a big pussy now go forth and unfuck yourself 
Virgo~ headbutt a wall get laid and go unfuck yourself 
Libra~ Not your mothers fault your a waste of life now go and unfuck yourself
Scorpio~ You will catch Ebola Herpes if you do not unfuck yourself 
Sagittarius~ Rub coconut oil on your sensitive areas and unfuck yourself
Capricorn~ Assault a whiner and force feed them gluten! Then go unfuck yourself. 
Aquarius~ You will be gang raped by 6 Polish exchange students and you still need to unfuck yourself
Pisces~ Look in the mirror and now you see alot of unfuckin to do 
Jonesy approves this Status YESSSSSSSSSS

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