Monday, November 17, 2014


If your perspective on life is weak you will follow suit. No difference in days just your pussified attitude towards life. The powers that be should allow assisted suicides on Mondays. Thin out the herd and there might be a little more room on the subway or on the streets. Life is a mad mutha fucka and if you can't hack it maybe you should give up. You will not be missed so do not think you are making a bold statement by your weak actions. There are plenty of others in the fight every day making something happen. Gladiators in the battle, Vikings pillaging or Barbarians on a raid being proactive instead of inactive. There is always a choice. Many of you want the easy way and that is not gonna get you anywhere. Setting yourself up for disappointment. Sometimes telling it how it is does not want to be heard. Many of you need to hear the battle cries of the Vigorous. You might wanna grab axe and get into the fight with us.~~~ JONESY

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