Tuesday, November 11, 2014

How to be a Barbarian in the time of Civilized Pussification PART 2

Stay strong and in shape. 
A weak man is a useless man. Just because we are not running around with swords or axes defending what is yours doesn't mean become a lazy sack of shit. Technology makes it too easy for so called men to become weak and useless. Look around that is all you see those stellar monuments of pathetic waiting on line for escalators or sweating when they tie their shoes. A shell of what men used to be. You never know when technology is not gonna save you and you have to get your hands dirty and defend yourself. Most of you would never stand a chance because you are all devolving. Devolving into not a man and more like a weak woman. I can't say all women because I know many vigorous women who put these men to shame. Grasp the pride and power of the past and apply it to your own unfucking. Become useful in a world full of useless. Get vigorous and grow some pride back in your life. ~~~ JONESY
**** If you want to read a great book similar to this topic please pick up "The Way of Men" by Jack Donovan.****

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