Monday, December 29, 2014


Another day you are alive and you have another opportunity to unfuck yourself. UNFUCK, I love this great non-word. Unfuck is a slap in the mouth to straighten shit out in your life. Unfuck is to step back and take inventory of yourself and start throwing away useless shit and useless people. Many of you are afraid to step in the UNFUCK ARENA and get into the fight. Many of you are in denial there is anything wrong. Many of you blame everyone but yourself. In fact most of you wanna play the blame game. You will always lose the blame game just like you being a loser if you play this game. Unfuckin is getting into a fight with yourself. Who else on this planet is worth fighting for then yourself? I love when people say your kids and family are more important. Well if you are a useless waste of life you are not gonna be any help to your family. So the battle always starts with you. 2014 is done and resolutions are for pussies. Most of you couldn't tell me the bullshit you proclaimed last year so why even say shit. 2015 you will become the UNFUCKIN MACHINE and sodomize 2015 until it cry's for mercy YESSSSSSSSSS.~~~JONESY

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