Thursday, December 11, 2014


HERMAPHROTURDS~ A new breed of subhuman males that are evolving faster then expected. Symptoms include..................
A man who forgot he is a man.
A man who forgot how to be a man. 
A man that whines.
A man that crossturds.
A man that does not squat.
A man that wears an I CANT BREATHE tee shirt 
A man that consumes soy.
A man that is friends with too many broads.
A man that was never punched in the face.
A man that does not know who Al Bundy or Archie Bunker is.
A man who is influenced by women how to act like a man. 
A man who watches reality TV shows with words REAL and or WIVES in it.
A man that brunches.
A man who thinks the world owes him something.
A man that refuses to train or workout in some sort of way.
A man who does not want to find out how you are supposed to be a man. 
A man who pretends to be someone other then himself.
If you fall into any of these categories you still have time to get some help. It can be controlled and eventually wiped out. High dosage of getting Vigorous and a barrage of some Unfuckin. Jonesy cares so you take care of yourself YESSSSSSSSSS

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