Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Whining is a useless thing many of you do daily. Which in turn makes you a useless individual. Whining solves nothing and just promotes others to whine and nothing gets unfucked. This is one of the many useless activities people seem to think it is ok to do. Reasoning for this is because so many people do it your weak mind set compels you to join in on the party. I also believe that our society as a whole has become weak and feminized. Men seem to whine more then women and that is a direct result of men being influenced and listening to women. Men are becoming soft and useless because they are becoming more feminine. A whiny man is a useless man and there is a need to educate and unfuck these poor saps. 
Women that whine are not exempt from whining just because you are a women. You wanna be treated the same as men then a whiny woman is a useless woman also. You wanna be seen as strong and independent yet you whine about bullshit. Those two things don't work together so cut the bullshit and unfuck yourself. 

Here are a few ways to stop whining:
1.Don't whine at all and get straight to resolving whatever the situation or issue is.
2. Ask someone who can help you if you need help. Preferably someone who is familiar with your issue. Screaming out loud in the air to everyone or now a days on social media just makes you sound like a weak pussy.
3. Whining about situations you cannot control is useless also. You need to realize that you have to suck it up and deal with a situation you cannot control. I know this is a hard one and we all go through it. The Vigorous just ride it out taking our lumps till it's over. Time to toughen up and stop chewing on your mother's tampons.

Life is hard enough. By many of you whining all the time makes it worse. Makes you a weaker individual and is seen as a weak in the eyes of other people. Which makes you susceptible to more abuse and problems when someone who does not whine has. You want to act and say certain things you will attract like people and people who will look to take advantage of a weak people. 
Stop making life harder then it already is. Stop whining, start Unfuckin and Get Vigorous YESSSSSSSSSS.
~~~ JONESY ~~~

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