Monday, April 13, 2015


Single moms love when Jonesy gets Vigorous on a Monday YESSSSSSSSSS.
Only weak and feminized men listen to women on how to be a man YESSSSSSSSSS.
Only weak and feminized men believe and worship false idols in Hollywood instead of themselves YESSSSSSSSSS.
Cleansing is a waste of time and money. Better off shoving a garden hose up your ass YESSSSSSSSSS.
Men that Brunch sodomize young boys for lunch YESSSSSSSSSS.
What is Masculinity.........Strength, Courage, Mastery and Honor........Learn it, live it get Vigorous to it. Jack Donovan YESSSSSSSSSS.
Whiners are useless so this makes most of you reading this useless YESSSSSSSSSS. 
We should be eating more sources of proteins. Our society is wasteful and too picky. Where is my horse burger YESSSSSSSSSS.
Sometimes you need to cut off the dead weight in your life and move on your way. Get real selfish to get more Vigorous YESSSSSSSSSS.
Lazy is ugly. You can't hide lazy you smell of weakness and Shakeology YESSSSSSSSSS.
Life will deal you pain. Are you Vigorous enough to sit there and take it? YESSSSSSSSSS.
Are you Vigorous enough to deal out some pain when it is necessary? YESSSSSSSSSS. 
You are not "BLESSED" sometimes life throws you and opportunity and you are around to grab it YESSSSSSSSSS.
Life is a war with many battles and times of peace. Take advantage of peace time but always be prepared to pick up your axe and get back into the fight YESSSSSSSSSS.
~~~ JONESY ~~~

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