Sunday, April 26, 2015


Give thanks be to the almighty Ayatollah of Vigorollah! Blessed is he who unfucks themselves and cuts jive and gibberish out of their hearts. Sodomy befalls the lazy, whiny and do nothings. Easily recognized by there stench of useless and bleeding coming out of their asses. 
All is not lost my huddles masses. Sacrifice 10 whiners, 5 poodles, 3 Yankee fans and a Manatee. Watch All in The Family and Married with Childen daily. Baptize yourself in Brut or Old Spice for they will help cleanse away your feminized stank of one's self. Read a book and stop watching reality TV. You will end up like Confused Jenner and start singing show tunes and skipping down the block. Education leads to Vigoration. Reality TV leads to femininity. 
Go forth and get to some Unfuckin and Getting Vigorous YESSSSSSSSSS.
~~~ JONESY ~~~

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