Thursday, April 30, 2015


Never underestimate the stupidity of Turd Nation. Many of you are registered Turdocrats or Turdpublicans. Either one is the same it does not matter. Easily manipulated and whiny useless individuals most of you are. Most of you reading this reek of manure and weakness. No cologne or perfume could hide your stink. Content to turd through life wasting it on whining, complaining and reality TV. Doing everything but trying to unfuck yourself. Fill your life with jive and distractions you will amount to what you already are.....a pile of shit. It's just gonna get bigger the more bullshit you add to your lives. 
The Vigorous hosed off the bullshit and strive to unfuck and better themselves. Sure we hit potholes in life but we strive on. Turds hit a pothole and give up. The Vigorous know they are in for a fight. The turds hide and pray for the fighting to end. Everyone has a choice in life. To wallow in the Turd Pile or grab an axe and Get Vigorous. Most of you already made the shitty choice. Warriors are not born they are made.
~~~ JONESY ~~~

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