Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Life is unfair and yes many of you do not deserve to make it full term YESSSSSSSSSS.
There is always gonna be racism and prejudice. Up to you to unfuck yourself YESSSSSSSSSS.
Popularity does not make it right YESSSSSSSSSS.
Strength is a necessary tool in life YESSSSSSSSSS.
Everyday is a gift and many of you waste them whining YESSSSSSSSSS.
A man who takes too many selfies likes stuff shoved up his Shitter YESSSSSSSSSS.
Never take advice on being a man from a woman YESSSSSSSSSS.
A person who cannot cook is a useless person YESSSSSSSSSS.
Animals are not humans YESSSSSSSSSS.
Men are not women YESSSSSSSSSS.
Women are not men YESSSSSSSSSS.
Right is not wrong YESSSSSSSSSS.
Weak is not acceptable YESSSSSSSSSS.
Violence is more effective then peace and love YESSSSSSSSSS 
Whiny is not acceptable YESSSSSSSSSS.
Lazy is definitely not acceptable YESSSSSSSSSS.
There is a line in the sand. It's always gonna be there. Just because many of you have delusions of a utopia does not dispute the facts. Just because of your weak and pussified attitude does not mean you can change how shit really is. Take the good with the bad and take full advantage of the good times. The bad times always have a way of lurking up on you. Wake up and smell the Vigorous or you may never wake up at all. ~~~ JONESY

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