Monday, September 21, 2015

Vigorous Social Media Rules

-You take too many selfies you are a whore.
-You are a man who takes too many selfies you are a homo and just come out already.
-You repost other peoples shit all the time you are a mindless Turd. 
-There is no such thing as being a fan of all New York teams. Pick a team you wimp. 
-Fat broads stop taking head shots and call a trainer to get you Vigorous. You ain't fooling no one . 
-Post your own shit. Put your thoughts out there or your own videos, Shows creativity and some intelligence .
-You whine you are telling the world you are a spinless waste of life. There are many of you out there. If life is so hard (which it is) and you can't hack it by all 
means head to the Veterinarian and get euthanized. 
-Your pets are not your children you anti-social get out and get laid wastes of life. 
-Unless you like the peanut butter pet oral. 
-You are a broad who posts whiny, woman, scorned , man hate jive your the reason you are alone and single shoving a rabbit in your crotch nighty. 
-You are a man and you take pictures of yourself getting a manicure or pedicure you are a homo and should come out already. 
-Most of you who post shit food look like shit. Get off your cottage cheese porn asses and Get Vigorous. 
-Stop checking into the gym. Many of you do not look like you made any progress in the 400 times you checked in. Maybe it's time for a trainer. 
-Unplug and read a book.
-Politics is unvigorous. You are not gonna change the world whining on social media. Pick up a damn book and unfuck yourself.
-Big is not beautiful. You are fat and lazy.
-Vegans make me laugh and all your bullshit propaganda posts just make me wanna have veal cutlet hero. 
-You are not real unless I met you in person or one of my crew has met you. Other then that you are a turd behind a keyboard. 
-If you are easily offended get off the damn computer or phone and unfuck why you are a whiny waste of life. 
-No one gives a fuck if you are from Brooklyn when you left town years ago. It ain't where you are from it's where you are at. So head to the mall and buy a 
Staten Island or New Jersey tee shirt. 

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