Wednesday, October 21, 2015


The Ayatollah of Vigorollah is Ready. Civilized is another word for pussified. Hose off the stank of Whinoturdopussiosis YESSSSSSSSSSS,
Headbutt the wall 23 Times YESSSSSSSSSS,
inject yourself with hot lava YESSSSSSSSSS, 
sacrifice 23 dogs and 12 cats YESSSSSSSSSS,
clothesline the flounder whining on the Dunkin Donuts line and wedgie a whiny Yankee fan. Dont be the person I run over because you are loafin too much in my area. Be the person to walk beside me seizing this day and making it ours because thats how its gets done. Rise out of the shit pile so you can smell the Vigorousity for a while! YESSSSSSSSSS"~~~JONESY

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