Tuesday, October 20, 2015


-Another day you are alive and another opportunity to unfuck yourself YESSSSSSSSSS.
-Tampons are for women not feminized men to chew on YESSSSSSSSSS. 
-"If it was meant to be it was meant to be" Really who made the rules on this one. Who said it was meant to be that way. Get in there and fuck shit up and maybe shit will change. Doing nothing solves nothing YESSSSSSSSSS.
- "I am absolutely positive that if the Vikings knew what Vegans were they would have invaded those areas without weapons and just beat them all to death with their hands for the pleasure of it."~~~ Paul Carter YESSSSSSSSSS
-Halloween, who cares unfuck yourself and Get Vigorous YESSSSSSSSSS.
-Single moms and lonely married women love to smell my Vigorous YESSSSSSSSSS. 
-Stop checking into the gym. Many of you do not look like you made any progress in the 400 times you checked in. Maybe it's time for a trainer YESSSSSSSSSS.
-Your pets are not your children you anti-social get out and get laid wastes of life YESSSSSSSSSS.
-You can be a six dollar floozy or a million dollar woman. Many of you do not know how to count your money YESSSSSSSSSS.
-Fruity Balboni YESSSSSSSSSS.
-Life's not fair. Get off the Assembly Line of Sodomy before it's too late YESSSSSSSSSS.
-Hitler changed the world. Marilyn Monroe changed her tampon -YESSSSSSSSSS.
-Just because things change does not mean it is for the better. Hold onto the Old School or you will be sodomized by new school nonsense YESSSSSSSSSS.
-Archie Bunker YESSSSSSSSSS.
-Everyone should get in the kitchen. You can't prepare meals you are not as independent as you think. The Vigorous cook, the rest whine and burn water YESSSSSSSSSS. 
-Your opinion is only relevant if you are relevant to me YESSSSSSSSSS.
-Staten Island.............no one cares YESSSSSSSSSS.
-Less regurgitating and more Vigorating YESSSSSSSSSS.
-Lift, Lift,Lift, Lurkin, Lurkin, Lurkin, Love, Love,Love YESSSSSSSSSS.
-I have no pity for whiners who make their own lives Shitty YESSSSSSSSSS.
We are here and we Get Vigorous..........well some of us do. The rest of you need to step up instead of getting shit on daily by life. Weak is useless and many of you are useless.
~~~ JONESY ~~~

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