Sunday, November 22, 2015


All welcome except the French.
For Vegans to enter you must consume dead animal flesh and you will be absolved of all your sins.
Whiners are welcome but if you start whining in the temple you will be bullied, wedgied and hung on a coat hook.
20 dollar minimum cover I provide the booze, food, and massage girls (massage girls extra fee).
Access to the Old School gym 7 days a week with membership.
Feats of Strength weekly. If you are not getting stronger you are not a willing member. So we don't need you loafin ass. 
At any time all Vigorous material will be available in the meditation room. Books, All in the Family, Married with Children, 80s movies are all available to view and read.
Full archery and gun range.
Weekly classes on self defense and survival training. 
Cooking classes for the culinary retarded women who burn water are available weekly.
Get off your knees praying for shit to change.
Who cares go unfuck yourself and Get Vigorous.
~~~ JONESY ~~~

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