Friday, May 6, 2016


Only the weak and whiny thank god it's Friday YESSSSSSSSSS.
Anyone who uses T.G.I.F. Replaced their spine with a row of tampons YESSSSSSSSSS.
No difference in days you are just brainwashed and easy manipulated YESSSSSSSSSS.
Any day you wake up alive is a good day. What day it is don't matter YESSSSSSSSSS. 
Weak people wastes days and many of you reek of weak YESSSSSSSSSS. 
If you live for two days a week you are not living. You are wasting space and conforming to someone else's plan YESSSSSSSSSS. 
Those days wasted with you whining is it Friday yet you will never get back YESSSSSSSSSS.
I think some of you don't deserve to make it to next Friday. Selfish wastes of oxygen many of you should give a blow job to a shotgun and pull trigger YESSSSSSSSSS. 
Days wasted whining I hope you realize this sooner then later. Many of you will be on your death beds wearing an adult diaper and you will remember what I said. Did you get Vigorous or did you just fester in a pile of your own Pussification? 
Fuck Days
Stop Whining 
Unfuck Yourself 
Get Vigorous 

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