Friday, October 14, 2016


Single moms, lonely married women and broads who can cook and don't have "curves" always thank Jonesy it's Friday.
Staten Island should be leveled and made a parking lot for people in Brooklyn.
Men who use smiley faces in text messages are weak and feminized.
Men that take pictures of them getting a pedicure are 5 seconds away from going full fag.
Jeans are not something you wear in a gym.
Fat and out of shape people posting junk food pics you should be embarrassed.............have a salad slacker.
Women that whine about all men are jerks might need to look on the mirror and ask yourself maybe you are the jerk.
Cut off welfare to all the degenerate wastes of life who won't get off welfare.
Give bonus money to traditional married couples since they are a dying breed.
All in the Family reruns should replace the crap on TV now.
You text and drive you should crash and the air bag powder blinds you for life.
You Jay Walk you should get hit like in the game Frogger and that would be the end of you.
You are easily offended then you are easily bullied and abused.
You complain about the weather you should be hit by lightning, sucked up in a tornado and dropped on a wrought iron fence.
You are gonna juice cleanse huh? Better off shoveling a garden hose up your ass.
"If you can't tone it tan it" No now your tan and fat. You are not fooling anyone. Spend that money on some form of getting Vigorous you slackers.
"Big is Beautiful" No your fat so get off your ass and find something Vigorous to do.
Stop checking into the gym. Many of you do not look like you made any progress in the 400 times you checked in. Maybe it's time for a trainer.
Vegans make me laugh and all your bullshit propaganda posts just make me wanna have veal cutlet hero.
You are not real unless I met you in person or one of my crew has met you. Other then that you are a turd behind a keyboard.
If you are easily offended get off the damn computer or phone and unfuck why you are a whiny waste of life.
No one gives a fuck if you are from Brooklyn when you left town years ago. It ain't where you are from it's where you are at. So head to the mall and buy a Staten Island or New Jersey tee shirt.

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