Friday, January 6, 2017


1. Stop feeding the disease of A.W.F. Attention Whore Flooziosis. Many of these broads are sick and delusional.
2. Like any other picture that's fair game.
3. You ain't gonna get no ass or anything by doing it. Especially if you don't the broad. if you write some corny nonsense to boot you are just a useless shell of what a man was.
4. You are being controlled by doing this. Just like some of you pussifed men are compelled to take selfies. You are worse then the women.
5. Go get a woman the Vigorous way. Go out in real life and hunt one down. Take a shower, put on some Drakkar, wear something sharp and go find a broad. Humans are social animals and enjoy hanging out with others. Get out there and Establish Dominance and grab that broad!
Abuse them Floozies
Stop whining 
Unfuck Yourself 
Get Vigorous 

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