Thursday, February 23, 2017


It amazes how many people go out of their way for strangers who could not give a fuck about them. More concerned about people that they will never meet or even interact with. Many of you do this not to save the world but to avoid unfucking your own life situations. We all have problems and situations within our families and close friends. Many of you are too weak or in denial to rectify problems within your group. But you will waste your life whining in the street about refugees or people who are here illegally. Many of you waste your empathy on people who DO NOT deserve it. Neglecting yourself and the loved ones who need your empathy. Straighten out your own shit. Straighten out your piece of turf. When you have your situations rectified then you can spread out to help your people in the immediate area. 
No tears for strangers. Unfuck and Get Vigorous your family, your gang, your tribe and your friends. Everyone else is not a concern.
** Homage to the writings of Jack Donovan **

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