Monday, March 27, 2017


ARIES- May you get hit by a bus and contract Bernie Sanders AIDS.

LIBRA- You will lose your job and a ring finger. Lucky number is 45.

TAURUS- You will be raped by 7 refugees and get food poisoning.

SCORPIO- You will be forced to move to Staten Island and work in Perkins.

GEMINI- Your son will want rainbow hair and an easy bake oven.

SAGITTARIUS- You will get rabies from your girlfriend and your lucky numbers are 3,23,77.

CANCER- You are already fucked. You have no hope. I'm shocked if you see tomorrow.

CAPRICORN- You will be sodomized by a Gay Walrus at a Nickel Back concert.

LEO- You are nothing but a big pussy. Just kill yourself already. Lucky numbers 8, 65 and -54.

AQUARIUS- You went OVER THE WALL years ago. Go back into your hole and rot.

VIRGO- Buy this t shirt or you will get 20 years bad luck......

PISCES- Keep it Moist and Vigorous and you will receive good fortune in the upcoming year.

He-Cunts and She- Flounders buy into this bullshit. The strong and Vigorous make their own luck and choose their own paths. 

Never too late to unfuck yourself and Get Vigorous.

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