Tuesday, April 11, 2017


Signs you are a He-Cunt

- You are feminized and weak
- Thinks masculinity is not a virtue 
- You whine 
- Political Correctness 
- Use smiley faces in text messages
- Afraid to speak your mind
- You post selfies 
- You listen to women on how to be a man 
- On Welfare 
- Thanks god it's Friday 
- He hasn't mastered the art of LURKIN.
- Eat veggie burgers.
- Eats Chobani.
- Fits into women's jeans.
- Voted for De Blasio. 
- Uses purell.
- Watches Lifetime 
- Wears make up
- Can't squat there own bodyweight
- Take pictures in nail salon 
- Still whining about Bernie Sanders
- Still whining about the President 
- Does not do any form of Vigorous Activity
- Gets out of breathe playing with their kids 
- Wears a Yankee jersey with a name on the back. 
- Your girlfriend is still advertising herself everywhere.
- Never got punched in the face. 
- Can suck your own titties 
- Gets offended by anything I write. 
- Thinks golf is a sport.
- Watches reality TV. 
- Thinks softball is exercise.
- Watches Big Bang Theory.
- Owns 40 pairs of Jordans but can't tie them without sweating.
- Eats Chipotle. 
- Can't do 10 pullups.
- Uses Axe. 
- Orders Pineapple on a pizza.
- Owns a Beyonce CD.
- Never watched The Warriors.
- Digs the insides of a bagel out.
- Never played dodgeball.
- Orders a prostitute to talk.
- Rather masterbate than fuck a real woman. 
-Drinks Mojitos.
- Drinks a Macchiato. 
- Gluten Free. 
- Waits in line to buy video games.
- Pays for internet porn.
-Listens to Reggaeton. 
-Has more women friends then men.
-Thinks Melissa Mccarthy is funny.
-Wears anything with Brooklyn on it and still lives there.
-Sits on the subway.
- Crocs
Plenty more but you get the idea. Men it is ok to be a man no matter what society and delusional women tell you. A weak man is a controlled man. Many of you are not in control and that makes you a He-Cunt.

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